Does Commercial Appliance Centre provide obligation free quotes?
  • Yes - happy to assist - email us ( and we will provide a detailed quotation for your requirements.
  • What does Commercial Appliance Centre sell?
    LOTS! Combi ovens, Stainless steel benches, Icemakers, Toaster, Microwaves, Fridges, Freezers, Pass through dishwashers, Flight dishwashers, Conveyor Dishwasher, Hot Cupboards, Bain Maries, Underbench Dishwashers, Oven Ranges, Cooktops, BBQ, Char Grills, Bratt Pans, Deep Fryers, Glass Door Chillers, Glass Door Refrigerators, Blast Chillers, Blast Freezers, Press Toasters, Stick Blenders, Food Processors, Milkshake Mixers, Stainless Steel twin Bowl Sinks, Prerinse Sprays, Glass Washers, Glass door fridges, Stainless Steel Racks, Cold Rooms, Freezer Rooms, Cold room shelves, Salamanders. Bakery Cabinets, Bakery Equipment, Cake Displays, Cold Larder Cabinets, Prep Fridges, Underbench Fridges, Sandwich Bars, Granita Machines, Conveyor Ovens, Conveyor Toasters, Blenders, Juicers, Rice Cookers, Bar Fridges, Gas Griddle Toasters, Electric Griddle Toasters.
  • Does Commercial Appliance Centre assist with health plans for approval?
    Yes - we will assist with design and layout to ensure your food outlet is successful. It is imperative that both the design and fitout work in a manner to ensure your business is successful. We have had years of experience and assisted in hundreds of outlets - most of which come back to us for they future businesses. We are also happy to assist with business plans.
  • Does Commercial Appliance Centre sell factory seconds, aged stock and cabinet marked appliances?
    Yes - this is our speciality - we always have large stocks of commercial kitchen equipment, commerical food equipment, hospitality supplies, catering equipment, hotel appliances, cafe equipment, commercial refrigeration and commercial dishwashers.  With factory seconds, we ensure that these are supplied with factory warranties. The discounts offered are substantial. We also have access to Silver Chef's used appliances. We use our own delivery vehicles to save you money.
  • Is Commercial Appliance Centre competitive with pricing?
    Yes - we provide ourselves on offering the best service - at the best pricing. We will beat or match any competitors quote  on the same product.
  • Does Commercial Appliance Centre sell quality Brands?
    Yes. Skope, Williams, True, Cyberchill, Exquisite, Bromic, Electrolux, Waldorf, Blue Seal, Convotherm, Turbofan, Turbochef, MKN, Kisag, Norris, Washtech, Cobra, Roband, Woodson, Kisag, Simply Stainless, Bonn, Robot Coupe,  Hallde, Koldtech, Liebherr, Adande, Misa, Irinox, Manitowoc, Culinaire, Cooktek, Metro, Moffat, Goldstein, Eswood, Sammic, Semak, Boema, Birko, Vitamix and many more. 
  • Does Commercial Appliance Centre just box drop?
    Yes if you want it or No  - in this industry it might be easy to purchase an appliance over the internet and have a box dropped to your footpath . We have a loading dock in our warehouse to remove packaging, a forklift to fit castors or legs, a truck or ute with a tailgate lifter to do deliveries. We enjoy assisting with predelivery, delivery and postioning onsite. We've recently done jobs in Northern NSW, Charleville and Longreach.
  • Does Commercial Appliance Centre have a warehouse facility?
    YES - in Southport.  We have a purpose built warehouse with test kitchen can demonstrate combi-ovens, pizza ovens, dishwashers, coffee machine etc. We have a close network of clients who will allow us to use their facilities to accommodate any needs that arise.
  • Does Commercial Appliance Centre have rental and Lease facilities?
    YES - we have access to Silver Chef, Flexirent and brokerages. We accept major credit cards.


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